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Web Design for Businesses

Cutting-edge web design that will make your business shine

Web Design Brisbane Fairy Digital

FairyDigital believes that a great website is like magic for businesses!

If you are looking to establish a successful online presence for your business, look no further than a great website design or re-design.

At FairyDigital, we understand the importance of web design and how it can make a massive difference to your business.

We’re a web design agency located in Brisbane, servicing clients worldwide. We specialise in providing quality web design services to all sizes of businesses. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create an attractive, functional website that identifies with your brand.

With over established experience in the industry, our award-winning team knows exactly how to build a website that will increase your web traffic, improve the user experience, and boost your customer engagement.

So, if you are ready to increase your online exposure and impress your customers, contact us today! Or keep reading to learn how a functional website can help you reach out to your target audience and build your brand. 

Engage at Least 94% of Visitors

According to a study, 94% of people’s negative feelings about a website are often design-related. It takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion about your website, so you must make sure they like what they see – immediately! Web browsers do not stick around!

This is possible with web design because no matter how good your products and services are, you need to put your visitors’ minds at ease. They must quickly like what they see and find the information they are looking for!

Also, if your website is visually appealing and has the right and easy-to-read information, visitors will spend more time on it. Investing in a good website design is a no-brainer if you want to establish a strong online presence and gain new customers.

Build Trust with Your Audience

Investing in a website (re)design is a great way to establish trust with your target audience. It’s digital proof that you know what you’re dealing with and are passionate about your work.

It’s also a way to educate your audience on what your business and brand stand for and allow them to choose you over your competitors.

laptop showing website design by FairyDigital

Get More from Your Search Engine Indexing Efforts

A successful website will help your business rank higher in search engines such as Google. This is because search engines give higher rankings to websites with a great user experience that visitors love.

So, having your website designed according to specifications such as consistency in content, load speed, and navigation is extremely important.

More Customers, More Sales

When it comes to acquiring leads and boosting sales, a great website design is crucial. A well-designed website will allow visitors to quickly navigate your website and find the information they need.

If you can make your website’s visitors have a satisfactory first-time experience, they will spend more time on your site and consider visiting your website for future needs.

You also want to make your website super-fast and mobile-friendly for potential customers using mobile devices. After all, 88% of mobile device users who search for a business call or visit it within 24 hours.

The team at FairyDigital prides themselves for building fast loading websites that are mobile phone responsive. 

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Our Web Design Services in Brisbane

Mark Coster and Silvia Borges receiving digital marketing award from Liz Raad
Mark Coster and Silvia Borges with Liz Raad (left)

Website Development

Our web designers will work with you to develop an effective and engaging design for your business website. You can trust us to create a solution to help you achieve your business goals.

We have experience with many different CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal, so we can help you determine which is best for your needs.

Branding and UI/UX Design

We understand the importance of a positive first impression, so we focus on creating beautiful and innovative branding solutions that help your business stand out from the competition.

Our talented UX (user-experience) and UI (user-interface) designers will work with you to design a customised solution that looks great and delivers a fantastic user experience that helps you achieve your business goals.

Ecommerce Website design

When it comes to running an online business, it can be a daunting process for anyone. From deciding what you’ll sell, managing your sales, and keeping track of your inventory, the sky is the limit for what you can do.

We design beautiful and easy-to-use e-commerce websites for online sellers that help them successfully run an online business. We can also help businesses who want to add e-commerce to their existing website. 

Additionally, we design websites for corporations, businesses, and organisations of all sizes.

Our team is based in Brisbane, Australia so you can be sure of personalised service and a tailored website.

Graphic Design

We understand the value of good graphic design when communicating your business’s brand to the target audience.

Our team will work with you to create a visually appealing design that effectively communicates your brand’s message.

Website SEO

If your website is visually appealing but ranks poorly in search engines, it won’t matter. Luckily, we specialise in SEO and offer content marketing and SEO services to ensure your website ranks high on search engines.

Our SEO strategies are crafted according to Google’s guidelines, so you can rest assured that your website will be optimised to deliver a good user experience and rank high in search engines.

Content Creation

So, you have successfully designed your website. What’s next? Now you need to communicate with your audience through great content.

Our team of talented copywriters and content creators will work with you to create high-quality content that has the potential to attract visitors to your website and drive sales.

We know how important it is to get your website content right. So, we take the time to understand your target audience and create content relevant to your business.

We craft content that connects with your target audience and encourages them to take action, such as visiting your website, subscribing to your newsletter, or making a purchase.

We also provide optional services like Google Business Profiles, SSL certificate, customised email address, Google Analytics, etc.

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Grow Your Business With a New Website

Our Website Design Process

Our process is simple. We discuss your business needs and create a website that accurately represents your brand.

Strategy & Planning

Before we begin any design work, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your business goals and objectives. We’ll then use this information to determine the type of website you need, what features to include, and what you want your website to achieve.

Design & Development

We’ll create a website design that matches your business’s goals and achieves your business goals. We’ll then develop the website using the latest technology, including HTML5 and CSS.

Creative & Content

Our team of talented graphic designers and content creators will work with you to create a design that effectively communicates your brand’s message.

We’ll create engaging, high-quality content that helps your target audience engage with your business.

Delivery & Support

We’ll deliver the website to you or your team and provide any ongoing maintenance support you require.

Ready to hire a web design expert in Brisbane? Call us today on (07) 3132 3001 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation. 

Why Choose FaryDigital for Web Design Brisbane?

High Performing Team

Partners Mark Coster and Silvia Borges are the award-winning duo behind FairyDigital. Our team also includes web developers, graphic designers, editors, content creators and admin staff. We pride ourselves on hiring talented individuals who are passionate about what they do. 


We have helped businesses and individuals around the world to improve their online visibility and achieve business goals for over many years. We can help you too!

Personalised Service

Our team is based in Brisbane, Australia, so you can be confident in working with people who understand the Australian market. You can expect to receive personalised service and a specially designed website when you work with us.

Prompt Delivery

We understand that time is money. So, we know the importance of delivering your project on time. You can count on us to complete your project on schedule and within your budget.


All our professionals understand that it is about you. Our job is to help you achieve your goals and achieve your business goals. We’ll take the time to understand your business goals before providing you with any services.

Let Us Help You Find Your Online Identity

A great website makes an excellent first impression. It communicates your business values, goals, and credibility to your target audience.

A great website can only be possible with a top-notch web development agency in Brisbane like FaryDigital.

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